High Performance Coach to Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors and Senior Executives

As a High Performance Coach, We help senior leaders unlock their full potential and drive exceptional results.

With a focus on optimising every aspect of your business and life, I leverage proven strategies from ActionCOACH (The Worlds #1 Business Growth Organisation) to enhance marketing, sales, business structure, team dynamics, and personal development.

What I Do:

I specialise in helping senior leaders increase their profits by implementing the ActionCOACH 5 Ways methodology. By focusing on leads, conversion rates, average order value, transaction frequency, and margins, I provide a comprehensive approach to driving revenue growth as well as using many other systems and methodologies for improving all areas of your business and life.

How I Help:

Increasing Profit: Through targeted marketing and sales strategies, I help businesses attract high-quality leads, improve conversion rates, and maximise their revenue per customer.

Business Structure: I guide businesses in systemising their operations, creating efficient organisational charts, and defining clear visions, missions, and cultures. This ensures scalability and sustainability.

Team Development: I assist in building high-performing teams through effective hiring, training, management, and leadership techniques. My goal is to create a positive and productive work environment that is focussed on results.

Mindset and High Performance: I emphasise the importance of a growth mindset, time management, personal development and prioritising your health and wellness.

Ultimately I help senior leaders maintain peak performance and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Why Work With Me:

With a wealth of experience in business coaching and a passion for high performance, I bring a unique blend of strategic thinking and motivational leadership to the table. My approach is tailored to each client’s specific needs backed by the ActionCOACH Framework to ensure personalised and impactful results.

Let’s connect and explore how we can elevate you and your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to optimise your processes, enhance your team’s performance, or develop a resilient mindset, I’m here to help you achieve excellence.

3 Steps to Joining ActionCOACH Liverpool Business Coaching

Step 01

Book a 30 Minute Discovery Call or Send us a Message

The 30 Minute Discovery Call ensures that proceeding with the Complimentary Strategy Session is a worthwhile use of our time. Business Coaching is not suitable for everyone, and we want to ensure we are the right fit for each other as soon as possible. During the 30 Minute Discovery Call, you can discuss your business goals and the challenges you are currently facing with Luke. If we both see value in meeting up to discuss further, we can go ahead and book the Complimentary Strategy Session.

Step 02

Attend an Complimentary Strategy Session

The Complimentary Strategy Session will review your business against the ActionCOACH 6 Steps Business Framework. This session provides an opportunity to evaluate your business based on the framework and identify areas where opportunities lie.

Step 03

Choose the Business Coaching Program that is right for You.

We offer a range of Business Coaching Programmes tailored to different businesses at various stages of the business life cycle. We will guide you in selecting the Business Coaching Programme that best aligns with your needs and objectives.

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call to learn how to Scale Your Business From 7 Figure Revenues to 7 Figure Profits.

It takes less than 30 seconds.

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching, in the ActionCOACH philosophy, is your ultimate strategic advantage. It’s not just an expenditure; it’s a savvy investment that propels your business forward. By igniting your team’s potential, fine-tuning your strategies, and optimising your operations, it generates tangible, bottom-line results, catapulting your business to new heights of profitability and success.

Business Coaching is for Champions

Under the guidance of a coach, Owners navigate the twists and turns of entrepreneurship, emerging triumphant in the competitive business arena.

Business Coaching Provides Clear Direction

With a coach’s guidance, entrepreneurs gain crystal-clear clarity on their goals, crafting actionable plans that streamline efforts and ensure resources are efficiently utilised.

Business Coaching Keeps You Laser-Focused

With accountability at the forefront, coaching ensures unwavering dedication to your objectives, driving consistent progress even amidst distractions or hurdles.

Business Coaching Sparks Action and Tangible Results

The promise of being answerable for progress ignites a relentless pursuit of success, transforming intentions into impactful outcomes and driving strides toward meaningful goals.

Business Coaching Supercharges Performance and Productivity

Custom strategies for time management, goal setting, and prioritisation optimise both individual and team performance, propelling businesses toward sustainable growth and success.

Business Coaching Refines Leadership Skills

Coaching empowers leaders to inspire and motivate their teams, foster collaboration, and steer organisations toward success through visionary leadership and strategic direction.

Business Coaching Elevates Management Proficiency

From leadership prowess to strategic acumen and effective communication, coaching enhances managers’ abilities to steer teams and navigate complex business landscapes with confidence.

Business Coaching: An Investment in Your Triumph

 Our coaching isn’t just an expense—it’s a calculated investment in personal and professional development, delivering unmatched returns in heightened productivity, profitability, and overall fulfilment both at work and in life.

We Stand by Our Results: At ActionCOACH, we’re committed to delivering tangible outcomes. With our proven methodologies and personalised guidance, we guarantee measurable progress and impactful results for your business.

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Does Business Coaching Work?

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call to learn how to Scale Your Business From 7 Figure Revenues to 7 Figure Profits.

It takes less than 30 seconds.

Perfect Shutters Growth Story

See how working with ActionCOACH business coach Luke Kay transformed Perfect Shutters into a business that was built for growth.

With Luke’s business coach guidance, Perfect Shutters have increased their sales by 20%, with a 45% increase in gross profit and a 30% increase in net profit.

This video was recorded in 2018, since then Perfect Shutters have gone on to grow by over 500% in revenue and profit has increased by over 600%.

Business Coaching FAQs

Here are the most common questions we get asked about business coaching.

What is business coaching?


Business coaching is a professional partnership between a trained coach and a business owner or senior executive. It involves a collaborative and personalised approach to help individuals improve their business performance, develop leadership skills, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals.

How can business coaching benefit my company?


Business coaching offers numerous benefits for companies, such as improved decision-making, enhanced productivity, increased profitability, better leadership and management skills, strategic planning, goal setting, accountability, and overall business growth and success.

How does the business coaching process work?


The business coaching process typically begins with an initial consultation to assess your needs and goals. From there, the coach will work with you to create a customised coaching plan, which may involve regular coaching sessions, goal-setting, action planning, skill development, and ongoing support and guidance to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Is business coaching suitable for all types of businesses?


Business coaching can be valuable for businesses of all sizes and industries, including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations. Whether you are a solopreneur or have a team, business coaching can help you unlock your potential and achieve success.

What qualifications or experience should I look for in a business coach?


When choosing a business coach, it's important to consider their qualifications, certifications, and experience in the field. Look for coaches who have relevant business experience, specialised training, and certifications from reputable coaching organisations. Additionally, consider their track record, client testimonials, and compatibility with your business goals and values.

How long does a typical business coaching engagement last?


The duration of a business coaching engagement can vary depending on your needs and goals. It can range from a few months to multiple decades. The coach will work with you to determine the appropriate timeframe based on your objectives and the complexity of the challenges you want to address.

What is the cost of business coaching?


The cost of business coaching varies depending on several factors, such as the coach's experience, expertise, and location, as well as the scope and duration of the coaching engagement. It's best to discuss pricing and payment options directly with the coach during the initial consultation or discovery call.

Can business coaching help with specific challenges, such as sales, marketing, or leadership?


Yes, business coaching can address specific challenges and areas of focus. Coaches can provide guidance and strategies to improve sales and marketing efforts, enhance leadership skills, develop effective communication, build high-performing teams, and overcome obstacles hindering business growth.

How often do coaching sessions occur, and how long do they last?


The frequency and duration of coaching sessions can be tailored to your needs and availability. Sessions typically occur on a regular basis, such as weekly or fortnightly and can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the coach's approach and your preferences.

How is business coaching different from consulting or mentoring?


Business coaching differs from consulting and mentoring in that it focuses on empowering individuals to discover their own solutions and make informed decisions. Coaches use a facilitative approach, asking powerful questions, providing support, and fostering self-awareness and growth. Consulting tends to involve providing expert advice and solutions, while mentoring typically involves guidance based on the mentor's own experiences.

Do you offer a free consultation or initial session?


Yes, we offer a free consultation to get to know each other, discuss your needs, and explore how business coaching can benefit you. It's an opportunity for you to ask questions, share your goals, and determine if we are the right fit for your coaching journey.

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