“It’s about having someone to answer to and keep you on the track you want to achieve”

1. What was business and life like before coaching?

It ‘felt’ productive but very much shooting from the hip. Reactionary without really planning strategically for the future. As we’re a partnership and have two directors, when it came to making decisions on direction or improvements, we would have to decide between each other. This would make some decisions harder than others.

2. What is business and life like now?

Now we have a sounding board to bounce ideas off and an impartial person to discuss ideas with. In some ways we have a mediator between two strong personalities meaning decisions are made with long term direction in mind and having been intelligently integrated.

3. What is it like being coached?

It’s like a personal trainer, a teacher and a relationship counselor all in one. Simply put, it’s often less about what happens in the room and more about what happens outside; you get what you put in. However, the decisions and actions that are put in place in the room are the things that push you positively forward. Incremental change towards a future goal and ticking off achievements as you do so.

4. What would you say to anyone looking at coaching, especially about the investment?

Do it. It’s not a question of, “Can I afford it?”, “Is now the right time?”, “I’m doing fine on my own!” it’s about having someone to answer to and keep you on the track to what you want to achieve. I would, and do, recommend it to everyone and Luke is the man to do it!

Adam Mokhtar – Director, Archiphonic

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